Dolce Vita show on Hong Kong's TVB Channel.

Dolce Vita show on Hong Kong's TVB Channel.

Chef Priscilla Soligo is the founder and executive chef at Rawthentic Food Limited.  She grew up in Sydney Australia and has lived in Hawaii, Italy and Hong Kong.  She is a graduate of both the Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy and Pure Joy Culinary Academy, USA.

Priscilla has conducted catering, events and workshops in Hong Kong, USA and Australia and has also been a guest chef instructor at Elaina Love's Pure Joy Culinary Academy in Bali.  

In addition to being a qualified gourmet living foods chef, Priscilla is also a certified chocolatier and is passionate about creating handcrafted artisan raw vegan low glycemic chocolates.  She is a certified detox instructor, and has completed studies in raw food nutrition.  Priscilla holds a bachelor of education degree in early childhood development from the University of Southern Queensland.  Formerly, she also founded an early childhood music and movement school, Musik'n'Motion, which brought the joy of singing, dancing and parent-child bonding through music into so many Hong Kong homes.

Priscilla is the chef recipe contributor for Playtimes Magazine, Hong Kong's largest English language parent and child publication.  She has been featured in magazines and blogs across Asia and the USA and has appeared as a guest chef for Dolce Vita, a food enthusiast program on Hong Kong's TVB Channel.  She has also been featured in and adorned the cover of TribestLife magazine.  Her long awaited first published recipe book is due out this year.

Priscilla lives in Hong Kong with her family, where she loves being 'Mummy' to her young son and baby daughter.  As a mother and chef, her philosophy is approachable and simple:

Priscilla with her son and daughter

Priscilla with her son and daughter

"Find your own individual balance.  It's not just about what we eat and assimilate, it's about the bigger picture of how we feel about ourselves and those around us.  Life experiences help to shape us and mine have taught me to live in and be grateful for the present - I love my children for this daily reminder.  While I prefer to eat mostly organic clean whole plant-based raw foods including fermented foods and green juices, I also enjoy some cooked plant based foods and on occasion wild caught fish since my second pregnancy.  During my second pregnancy, I consumed high amounts of raw plant based foods and continue to do so to this day, which has greatly helped my milk supply and my body return back to its ideal weight effortlessly.  It is so important if you are pregnant that you listen to your body and do what works for you.  As a busy mum and business owner, I prefer to adopt a practical and instinctual approach to a healthier lifestyle and respect what other peoples food choices are.  

I have been vegetarian, vegan, 100% raw vegan, and have had a secret love affair with chocolate all my life!  I listen to what I need on a daily basis, rather than eating under a 'label', or a particular 'diet' - the cleaner I eat the easier it is to feel what I need.  It's not being alternative, it's not rocket science either, it's simply getting in tune with yourself, paying attention and recognising what foods serve you and what foods don't.  You're the only one that knows how you feel - no health guru or diet can tell you if their way is working, or not.  

One thing I always do is read labels on everything I buy for my family and try to buy as close to whole foods as possible.  That usually means snooping out where the nearest local organic farmers markets are, or shopping in the outer produce parameters of the grocery store.  This doesn't mean I don't ever eat processed foods - I am no purist, however reading labels and consuming fresh local whole foods is a great place to start.

For me and many others, raw and living foods are truly wonderful for healing, restoring and cleansing and I love the energy, vitality and clarity they always deliver - but please don't just take my word for it, try them for yourself!  Allow your food choices to evolve based on how you feel and where you are in your life by experimenting.

Hong Kong can get very hot and humid during parts of the year, so incorporating plenty of fresh organic raw and living foods makes sense.  During the colder months however, I gravitate towards my homemade veggie stews with brown rice, miso with sea vegetables, lentil soups and heavier nourishing cooked foods along with vibrant raw and living foods and gut-healing fermented foods.    

My children have been my greatest teachers in helping me to learn how to find daily balance in my life, as many parents I am sure can attest.  Being a loving mother, building a business with integrity and passion, actioning exercise I enjoy, having caring friendships, being connected and daily laughter are just as nourishing as eating and creating delicious clean foods.  I wish you and your family a beautifully happy and balanced life!"