I received a 4 hr private class with Priscilla as my birthday present from my amazing husband, what a great gift it was! Priscilla was inspiring. She was willing to share all that she knew not only about food but also with nutrition tips and knowledge for my 10 month old baby. Any mum with a baby would understand how much information there is out there in regards to healthy eating for babies, so I really feel like the information she passed onto me has been well researched, tried and tested! Perfect! What a time saver!

Having never experienced a raw food cooking class I had no idea how fun and interesting it could be. I hadn’t heard of half the ingredients and well we actually didn’t “cook” anything in the oven or on the stove so it was a real eye opener. How do you make a lemon meringe tart with no butter, sugar, eggs or cream? Ask Priscilla!

The food that we created was colourful, beautiful, sexy, packed with nutrients and full of flavour! Cannot wait for my next opportunity to cook for my friends and family! Thanks hubbie for my wonderful gift! Priscilla, thanks for opening my eyes to a new level of cooking for my family!
— Sherman Tang
I took a private class with Priscilla a little over a month ago and last week I just signed up for the Matthew Kenney Raw Chef Academy in Santa Monica. I had been learning more about nutrition and raw foods privately for over a year before I took Priscilla’s class and her delicious recipes and infectious energy really inspired me to pursue my interests further.

I cannot rave about this enough, but the food is really something special. Priscilla makes the best pizza I have ever tasted, raw or not but as someone who would happily have 3 courses of dessert, my favourite dish (out of 4, plus generous servings of her yummy kale chips) was the raw coconut ice-cream. It’s so smooth and creamy with just the right amount of sweetness. What’s best is that you don’t feel bloated afterwards because it’s raw, vegan and good for you! Priscilla topped up our desserts with generous amounts of her pre-made chocolate fudge and raw granola which complimented the ice-cream so well. It was deliciously luxurious!

I highly recommend the private class. Priscilla’s home is so warm and inviting, and you can spend the afternoon cooking, eating and enjoying a serene view of Sai Kung. It’s only a 30 minute cab ride from Central, but a million miles away from the crowded streets of Hong Kong.

The afternoon passes by so quickly when you are having fun, learning new things and absorbed in the moment. Priscilla is so positive, passionate and full of energy that it is impossible not to enjoy the class. If you’re thinking about it, just do it. You’ll healthier and happier for it!
— Linda Wang
Raw food? Not for men. We like steak, red wine and copious amounts of beers... or is that just how we are programmed? Let me tell you a secret, when my wonderful wife said to me she wanted to try out a new diet, I said sure no worries. When she told me it was raw food and I had to drink a Green ‘lemonade’ (I love that name, because it looks more like plant food!) every morning I was more than concerned that she had lost the plot! Well for the blokes among us, I would say to you don’t knock it till you’ve tried it chaps. Now I am not the most fluffy of characters. I like my beers, talk a bit too loudly after a few scoops and can often be seen being dragged out of a party by my wife because I am always the last to leave! But I tell you what, the best kept secret about raw food is that it can taste incredible as I found out when I took Priscilla’s raw food course. Now, I am not saying its easy to make tasty dishes, it takes practice (and a dedicated wife!) but you can create amazingly delicious grub. ‘Put that salt seller down and follow Priscilla!’ would be my advice if you are looking for a little sparkle in your life, forget the word ‘diet’ for starters because its not a diet (although most loose weight), its a new (or ancient) eating culture different to one most of us have grown up with.

Food, its the most valuable thing we have to hold onto as our skin starts to sag and your bum ripples south, this is a long lasting solution to vitality, body and mind health. Its realistic and fun, its tasty and adventurous, get out there and read about it if you haven’t already. We have been 50% raw for a month and now we are gearing towards 70% and I still enjoy the odd glass (or bottle!) of red wine now and then. Fact is, I enjoy feeling clear headed and just don’t feel like steaks or wine most of the time. No ‘trying’ involved, just keep going and your outlook begins to change.

Paul’s Ingredients for success:
1) Green lemonade/ smoothie daily.
2) Good kick now and then to get back on track when we fall off the wagon, just recommit the next day.
3) Priscilla’s course every 4 weeks to keep you abreast with new dishes and ideas, ask silly questions, no-one cares because we are all there to learn so its a safe environment to develop your knowledge.

That’s it, you are all set - book that course and feel the difference in every facet of your life. Good luck!
— Paul Evans
I first met Priscilla at the Asia Conscious Festival and I could have spent the entire day just talking to her. I was so inspired by her passion for life, sustainability, raw foods, the environment and her family. I was nourished by her amazing raw fig cookies and power bars - so satisfying and inspired! I share her passions for living a healthy life of plant based whole foods; as I dabbled myself over the years in raw foods, but knew more about vegan vegetarian cooking.

I did a couple of group classes with Priscilla and was again so inspired by this beautiful passionate mum and raw food chef. Priscilla walks the talk and this is done by example and is evident in her beautiful raw food. Her recipes are colourful, vegan, nutritious and grounding. As Raw became more of my everyday diet, I wanted to make sure I knew the basics and what I needed to do in order to sustain this way of life.

Priscilla tailored private classes for me using recipes that built upon what I already knew. Wow, it was incredible and so much fun! We had a ‘rawing’ time in her kitchen making some amazing raw foods. The wonderful thing about Priscilla’s recipes is that there is no waste and her recipes are adaptable. Pizza bases could be made into crackers, changing a few ingredients here and there, to get a whole new taste. Priscilla gives tips along the way and shares what works to help you along your own raw journey. She imparts useful knowledge to help you succeed.

Priscilla, after my first raw personalized class with you I left your kitchen feeling so touched and inspired, I was on cloud raw! The time spent learning from you was incredible! Your knowledge you shared with me has been a great support on my raw food journey, and you make raw easy!

Priscilla you are so amazing … I can’t begin to say how much you make a difference ... I am humbly so grateful.
— Carole Golledge
I attended Priscilla’s “Raw on the Run” class and felt so inspired by the positive energy, creative recipes and wealth of knowledge delivered throughout. I learned a tremendous amount about food, preparation and how to obtain optimal health because of this class and all my conversations with Priscilla. The class was executed with mindfulness, joy and a tremendous amount of love and I have no doubt that all of those intangibles contributed to how delicious the food was! I could not think of a better way to spend my Saturday and would highly recommend Priscilla’s classes to anyone interested in learning about food and health.
— Elisa Haggarty
Knowing Priscilla has been such a wonderful experience for me and my family. Myself and my husband did her Raw on the Run course and she taught us how to make some wonderful healthy snacks that the whole family can enjoy. Every time I see or speak to Priscilla I feel enlightened and hopeful that I can provide the best nutrition for my family, she is so enthusiastic and her spirit and love for raw is contagious. There is no doubt that Priscilla has helped me and my family on our Raw path and I am so thankful that I have met her.
— Caitriona
Chef P has been pure raw-spiration for me - I have attended several of her public workshops and was so inspired that I went on to study at the same raw-chef school with Pure Joy Academy. Chef P’s recipes are ALWAYS delicious but more importantly they’re something everyone can achieve at home. I highly recommend attending her workshops and following her motivating and mouthwatering blog on Facebook as a daily reminder of how amazing raw food can be. Plus, Priscilla does not just talk the talk, she walks the walk -so to speak- and is as radiant as her food creations as a reult, inside and out”
— Chef Mia, Founder - Graciously Green, Director - Eat FRESH